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2050Today joins A Table! Mangeons local et durable

2050Today established a collaboration with the City of Geneva for A Table! Mangeons local et durable, the month-long event promoting sustainable catering practices and local products, which will take place from 25 September to 22 October 2023.


A 2050Today category was added to the Sustainable restaurant competition-Concours de la restauration durable allowing restaurants from entities of the international Geneva community to compete for a special prize : CHF2500 in Local produce vouchers (Bons du Terroir)! 

Special conditions apply – please see details below. The competition is geographically restricted to the territory of the canton of Geneva.

Competition entry criteria and application process

  1. Only restaurants/cafeterias of international Geneva entities, including 2050Today members and supporting entities, can enter the competition. 

  2. The restaurant/cafeteria must be public, i.e. open to people outside the entity (even if access to the location is actually restricted/an invitation is necessary). Concretely, it means restaurants or cafeterias of large entities (e.g. UNOG, WIPO) or Civil society (e.g. UNIGE, SIG).

  3. Potential applicants must read the Competition’s Charter and Regulations carefully.
  4. Click here to register (fully online). Registration deadline is 15 July.
  5. Upon registration, participants can also sign up for free, dedicated vegetarian workshops. This year, renowned Chef Laurent Petit will be giving a workshop! A Good Practices Café will also be available.

For more information, contact

Project Manager at City of Geneva

Thomas Kilbert –  thomas.kilbert@ville-ge.ch


Sustainable Food focal point at 2050Today Executive Secretariat

Susana Perdiz –  susana.perdiz@2050today.org


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