Research Team

Psychology & Sociology

Tobias Brosch

UNIGE Associate Professor

Head researcher of the Psychology programme. Tobias Brosch is an associate professor at the University of Geneva and holds the Chair of Psychology of Sustainable Development. Tobias Brosch is interested in how emotions, values, heuristics and automatic affective processes help us understand our complex environment and influence our choices.

François Grey

UNIGE Associate Professor

In 2009, François Grey established a partnership for citizen science between CERN, the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) and the University of Geneva, now called Citizen Cyberlab. As a visiting professor at the University Center for Informatics (CUI) of the University of Geneva since 2014, he promotes the development of technologies for participatory research and organizes public participation in citizen science activities. Since 2016, he has been the director of the Geneva Tsinghua Initiative, a program for education and innovation around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In 2017, he established the UNIGE SDG Solution Space at the Campus Biotech Innovation Park, as a space for innovation in collaboration with the International Geneva. In 2022, 2050Today moved to the SDG Solution Space. François Grey coordinates the UNIGE participation in the 2050Today research program.


Pierre Hollmuller

UNIGE Senior Lecturer

Head researcher of the Energy programme. A physicist by training, Pierre Hollmuller holds a PhD in science from the University of Geneva, as well as an MAS in energy from the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. His career as a researcher and teacher has focused on the analysis of innovative energy systems, in real use situations.

Information Technology

Leah Kimber

UNIGE Postdoctoral Research Associate

Head researcher of the IT programme. Leah Kimber is currently a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Geneva. Her academic interests include civil society engagement and mobilization, disaster risk reduction, gender and research methods for international organizations.


Dimitri Konstantas

UNIGE Professor

Head researcher of the Mobility programme. Dimitri Konstantas is a professor at the University of Geneva School of Economics and Management and director of the Information Science Institute. Prof. Konstantas is active in research in the fields of shared mobility solutions.


Anthony Lehmann

UNIGE Associate Professor

Head researcher of the Biodiversity programme. Anthony Lehmann is an experienced Associate Professor at the Institute of Environmental Sciences. Professor Anthony Lehmann was a pioneer in the field of species distribution modelling when he published the first software to construct spatial predictions from point observations of plant and animal distributions.


Martin Patel

UNIGE Professor

Head researcher of the Energy programme. Martin Patel is a full professor at the University of Geneva, where he has held the Chair of Energy Efficiency since September 2013. His research deals with energy savings and emission reduction in industry, the built environment and at the interface between energy supply and energy demand (most notably including energy storage).


Martin Schlaepfer

UNIGE Lecturer

Head researcher of the Biodiversity programme. Martin Schlaepfer is a lecturer at the University of Geneva. As a conservation biologist, he has conducted fieldwork and experiments on traditional biodiversity stressors such as habitat fragmentation, edge effects and invasive species