The institutions' climate endeavours

Climate endeavours

The actions listed below provide an overview of the climate endeavours implemented by the member institutions of 2050Today across the six thematic intervention sectors.

For additional information on climate actions and the carbon footprint of a specific institution, please click on the page of the corresponding institution according to the list of members.


The member institutions of 2050Today are implementing various actions in favor of biodiversity. Several of them have notably implemented the following actions:

• Greening of roofs and facades of their buildings
• Installation of shared gardens, thereby promoting the expansion of productive spaces for local and seasonal food
• Manual and limited weeding
• Use of organic fertilizers
• Recycling of organic waste for the creation of compost used as natural fertilizer


All institutions are connected to the local power grid favoring renewable energy. A number of them have chosen Vitale Vert to promote electricity from entirely renewable sources. Several institutions have notably implemented the following actions:

• Installation of photovoltaic panels on rooftops
• Use of the GeniLac network which harnesses water from Lake Geneva for cooling premises
• Use of heat pumps
• Enhanced insulation of buildings
• Installation of presence detectors and LED lamps
• Staff awareness campaigns on responsible energy practices


The member institutions promote sustainable food practices both in their cafeterias and for the events and receptions they organize. Several institutions have notably implemented the following actions:

• Vegetarian or vegan options in cafeterias
• Weekly vegetarian day
• Fully vegetarian restaurant
• Increased use of organic, local, and seasonal food products
• Consumer information on the origin of products
• Eco- and nutrition score information for menus
• Promotion of product traceability
• Installation of water fountains
• Limitation or elimination of bottled water
• Use of bean-to-cup coffee machines
• Reuse of unsold food items
• Reduction of food waste


Members of 2050Today are committed to sustainable and soft mobility. Several institutions have notably implemented the following actions:

• Travel policies prioritizing train travel for business trips instead of air travel
• Economy class air travel to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
• Provision of bicycles for staff
• Installation of bike parking infrastructure
• Staff awareness on soft mobility through the promotion of public transportation and encouragement of cycling or walking
• Installation of charging stations for bicycles and electric cars
• Reserved parking spaces for carpooling
• Promotion of telecommuting to reduce travel

Sustainable IT

Members of 2050Today promote sustainable use of IT. Several institutions have notably implemented the following actions:

• Extending the lifespan of digital equipment
• Limiting purchases per user
• Repairing digital equipment
• Reusing digital equipment
• Promoting the use of a single mobile phone for both professional and personal use with a subsidized subscription
• Updated management and storage of data to reduce digital footprint
• Environmental criteria for data storage

Waste management

Members follow and develop responsible policies to increase the sustainability of waste management. Several institutions have notably implemented the following actions:

• General waste sorting according to the standards of the Canton of Geneva
• Promotion of the use of reusable containers
• Partial or complete abandonment of single-use containers
• Use of eco-friendly cleaning products
• Recycling of food waste for composting or anaerobic digestion
• Paperless meetings