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The individual contribution to the global carbon footprint

It’s a fact that the climate is warming because of human activity. Everything we consume, use and then throw away requires materials and energy. Whether it’s during the production, use or end-of-life phase of the good or service. In effect, all our activities contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. Some enormously, others very little.

The world total carbon footprint in 2022 due to human emissions from fossil fuels and industry excluding land-use change was around 37 gigatons of CO2 eq. These huge emissions are the accumulation of many and many … billions of big and small emissions that are the result of life styles and consumption.

To reach net zero emissions by 2050, the individual carbon footprint should not exceed 1 ton/ year of CO2 eq.

For the time being, the average individual footprint in Switzerland is 12 t CO2 eq /year and the world average is 5 t CO2 eq / year. It means, we should all divide our carbon footprint by an important factor.

Let’s start and take up the challenge today and measure our individual carbon footprint.

Do you know your carbon footprint ?

In 10 to 20 minutes, you can get an estimation of your carbon footprint by category.

The Geneva calibrated calculator allows to assess your individual carbon footprint per year in total and by major category (food, transport, housing, miscellaneous, societal services), to compare it with climate targets and, above all, to take action at your own level with personalized measures based on your answers.

The carbon footprint of products and services

The carbon footprint of products and services is often not mentioned in the information available to consumers. Yet it is essential if they are to make the right choices to reduce their climate footprint.

With the comparator below, you can get a precise idea of the impact of your decisions in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and make informed choices to reduce your carbon footprint, knowing that the carbon budget is not extensible.

Easily visualise a quantity of CO2e

The comparator allows you to measure the carbon impact of everyday actions and objects and to represent the correct orders of magnitude.

The impact of transport on climate

The comparator allows you to measure the carbon impact of different modes of transport

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