2050Today - Climate Action


Climate action on Mobility

In Switzerland, mobility is a very important source of CO2 emissions. In 2020, CO2 emissions from transport (excluding air transport) totalled 13.4 million tons, which corresponds to almost 40% of total national emissions.

In addition, the CO2 impact of air transport is also very significant. In 2019, air transport was responsible for 11% of CO2 emissions in Switzerland. By applying a Radiative Forcing Index factor (RFI), the climate impact of air transport amounts to 27%.

The Canton of Geneva has set very ambitious targets for reducing CO2 emissions from transport by 2030:

  • A 40% reduction in individual motorized traffic (cars and motorcycles/scooters)
  • An increase of the share of electric vehicles: up to 40% of the Geneva car fleet


To achieve these objectives, the employers of the Canton in general, and the members of 2050Today in particular, have a major role to play in influencing and accompanying their employees and visitors to change their mobility habits in the direction of sustainability.

Sustainable Mobility Objectives

The 2050Today Charter recommends institutions to take action towards the following Sustainable Mobility objectives when defining their action plan.

1. Implementing incentives for sustainable mobility

2. Adopting parking management schemes favouring sustainable mobility

3. Providing innovative solutions for sustainable mobility

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