Climate Change is in your hands

By measuring your greenhouse gas emissions and by reducing them accordingly you can be the change you want to see as of today

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Why it matters :

The planet has entered a state of emergency with unprecedented risk of damage to humanity and the environment. Global warming and the collapse of biodiversity are having fatal consequences on an exponential scale. Urgent action is needed at all levels – everywhere and now – to confront the threat.

To achieve the goal of zero net emissions by 2050, GHG emissions must already be reduced by 50% by 2030. As with a balanced budget in the long term, it is essential to take immediate, concrete and continuous reduction measures, otherwise the target can never be achieved by the set deadline. Let’s start.

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Carbon footprint

The world total carbon footprint in 2019 due to human emissions was around 37 gigatons of CO2 eq. These huge emissions are the accumulation of many and many … billions of big and small emissions that are the result of life styles and consumption.

To reach net zero emissions by 2050, the individual carbon footprint should not exceed 700 kg/ year of CO2 eq.

For the time being, the average individual footprint in Switzerland is 14 t CO2 eq. It means, we should divide our carbon footprint by 20. Let’s start and take up the challenge today.

Here is the carbon footprint of some everyday life aspects, be it the production of goods or the consumption of services (average values):

The weight of CO2

Person holding smartphone
33 kg can be compared to the weight a loaf of cheese. It means that for each smartphone produced we send a loaf of cheese in the atmosphere …

160 g can be compared to the weight a banana. It means that for each km by car we send a CO2 banana in the atmosphere …

Just imagine how it would be if these bananas were left on the roads

SourcesCo2 Equivalent kg
One car4000 - 7000
One personal computer165
One smartphone33
One e-mail0.020
One kg of office paper1.2
One Plastic bottle (33 cl.)0.070
Vegetarian meal1.7
Non-vegetarian meal3.6
Coffee (1cup)0.113
Green Electricity (kWh)0.007
1 km by petrol car0.160
1 km by train (in Switzerland)0.007