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Sustainable IT

Sustainable IT Workshop series

03.05.2023, 28.06.2023 & 16.01.2024

To support its members in their commitment to set up and implement a Sustainable IT strategy and corresponding action plan reflecting our common Charter, 2050Today is happy to offer a dedicated workshop series.

The workshop consists of 3 sequential, half-day sessions (detailed description below):
Session 1 Digital Footprint and Maturity Analysis
Session 2 Sustainable IT Maturity Assessment and First Steps
Session 3 Sustainable IT Strategy and Common Roadmap

The programme was conceived by Canopé, a technology company specialised in the decarbonisation of Information Systems. Your instructor will be Ivan Mariblanca Finch, Founder of Canopé and Co-Chair of the Institute for Sustainable IT Switzerland’s Scientific committee. Ivan is an expert in GreenIT and Auditor for the International Sustainable IT Label.

The sessions will take place on 3 May 2023, 28 June 2023 and 16 January 2024
This workshop is intended for IT managers.
Workshop location :