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Visit of GeniLac - Geneva's new structuring thermal network

Thursday 28.09.2023, 13:45-15:00

2050Today, in cooperation with SIG, organizes a visit of GeniLac, the innovative, 100% renewable thermal solution that uses the water of Lac Léman to cool and heat residential, business or community buildings.

GeniLac is made up of two networks, one in an open loop towards the city center which extends to the Rhône, and the other in a closed loop which connects the airport and extends to the Quartier de l’Etang. Other closed loops will emerge in the PAV (La Praille-Acacias-Vernets), Gare des Eaux-Vives and HUG sectors.

GeniLac amplifies and replaces Genève-Lac-Nations (GLN), a first renewable thermal network born in 2008, which made it possible to replace very energy-intensive air conditioners.

SIG exploits the natural and local resource that is Lac Léman. The water is collected from 45 meters deep, at a stable temperature all year round of around 7 degrees. It is then transported in underground pipes to the buildings connected to the thermal network. This is the principle of hydrothermal energy: from this 100% renewable and local resource, GeniLac can replace air conditioners and heat buildings by adding a heat pump. Come and find out!


The visit will allow you to:

  • Understand in detail the operation of the new pumping station at Le Vengeron;
  • Discover the interior of the pumping station and its impressive machines installed in depth;
  • Access the engine room and see GeniLac’s piping, pumps, loops and exchangers up close.


The visit will be led by professional guides and you will be equipped with protective helmets. A SIG engineer will answer all your technical questions.


More info about GeniLac on the SIG website and video below:

The visit is free and open to all staff of 2050Today member institutions. It will be held in two groups (French and English), 20 people per group (max. 40 places available).

REGISTRATION until Tuesday, September 26, 2023
Important: for safety reasons, please wear only flat, closed-toe shoes.
Meeting time: 1:45PM, 28 Sept 2023
Venue: Route de Lausanne 284, 1292 Prégny-Chambésy

Reachable e.g. by:

1) Train to Chambésy, then walk about 1km

2) Bike (cycle lane available from Cornavin train station), your own or VéloPartage

3) Car-sharing (if you have available seats, let us know in the registration form comments). Parking at Plage du Vengeron (2.- for 2h).

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