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Sustainable IT Workshop


07.06.2023, 5-8pm

The Digital Collage is a fun and collaborative 3-hour workshop with a similar educational method as the Climate Fresk (La Fresque du Climat).

The aim of this ‘serious game’ is

  • to raise awareness of and train participants on the environmental issues linked to digital technology;
  • to encourage discussions and exchanges between the participants and aims to identify key solutions to reach more sustainable digital practices;
  • to foster team building skills, allowing participants to learn how to reach sustainability in the digital sector in a collaborative manner.

The participants, gathered around tables in teams of 4 to 8 people, use a deck of cards containing different bits of information related to the environmental impact of IT, and build an actual “Collage”. In a second phase, they illustrate and decorate their Collage, highlighting and linking the issues they have identified, and give it a title, thereby owning their content and creating a team spirit. Each team then presents its Collage, and the facilitator gives feedback and recaps the key messages. Finally, the participants discover the Action cards and decide which ones are the most relevant.

Workshop facilitated by Hugo Blanadet, expert from resilio

Hugo has extensive technical knowledge of digital systems and has carried out various consultancies, notably for the European Commission or the City of Lausanne. He is also an experienced Climate Fresk and Digital Collage facilitator and “trainer-of-trainers.”

The workshop is free of charge and all members of the International Geneva community are welcome. It will be held in English, on Wednesday 7 June 2023, from 5 to 8PM.

Participation limited to 16 people.

REGISTRATION until 31 May 2023

Workshop location :
SDG Solution Space
Campus Biotech Innovation Park
15 av. de Sécheron
1202 Geneva