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About us

In partnership with the United Nations, 2050Today brings together a community of international Geneva institutions determined to ensure a quick, continuous and measurable GHG emissions reduction of their own institutions.

By sharing experiences, solutions and practices 2050Today members foster and facilitate the implementation of efficient measures with a sense of solidarity and cooperation.

As primary advocate and responsible for a multilateral and inclusive climate action, permanent missions, UN institutions and other entities of international Geneva want to lead by example.

2050Today promotes the climate action of its members by developing and offering tools and amplifiers. Members are encouraged and supported in their efforts to reduce emissions through thematic working groups and cross-sectoral interventions :

  • Energy
  • Mobility
  • Food & Biodiversity
  • Information Technologies
  • Purchasing Policies & New Equipment
  • Recycling & Waste Reduction
  • Psychology & Sociology

When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don't adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.


2050Today was launched in October 2020 by the permanent Missions of Denmark, Fiji, France, Mexico, Morocco, Rwanda, Slovenia, Switzerland, United Nations Office at Geneva and United Nations Environment Programme – European Office with the contribution of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change secretariat and the support of local authorities and bodies.

About our values

Geneva, as the European headquarters of the United Nations, the headquarters of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the headquarters of World Meteorological Organization and the main center for the implementation of sustainable development objectives, must be the symbol of concrete, measurable and visible action to reduce emissions.

2050Today aims at strengthening the role and image of innovation and solidarity of International Geneva as a laboratory for a renewed and effective multilateral system.
Bargarden Nature Reserve, Norway. Beautiful Fjord, Lake In Summer Day. Norwegian Nature


We are committed to reach net zero GHG emissions by 2050


We measure our GHG emissions on regular and verified basis.

Due the variety of the institutions part of 2050Today, the collected data of the 2050Today members resulting in each carbon footprint are not yet fully standardized. We do our best to progressively harmonize the data collection.


We aim at reducing our emissions every year by 5% – and even more if we can – to achieve at least 50% reduction in 2030. These aims are our ambition and the targets guiding our actions. The achievement of the emissions reduction objectives is undertaken on the basis of the best of our joint possibilities. Due to the diversity of the institutions that are part of 2050 Today, the initial carbon footprint reference for emission reductions may prove, in some cases, not to be identical. Therefore, minor differences may appear in the targets set.


We disclose our results and ensure their visibility


We multiply the impact of action by the message of our example​


We share our experiences, solutions and practices


We act in accordance with a planet sustainable for future generations

2050Today is being developed with the support and participation of the Swiss Confederation, Federal Department of Foreign Affairs,  the Republic and Canton of Geneva, the City of Geneva, the University of Geneva and the Industrial Services of Geneva – SIG.

2050Today by Yann Hwang, Ambassador of France

2050Today by Sabina Stadler Repnik, Ambassador of Slovenia

2050Today - Launch event
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